I Heart Bees

Honey Feast is a producer of honey located in Groveland, Florida.  We created the I Heart Bees project to help save the bees.

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Bees are a critical part of our ecosystem.  Most of the flowers, and foods we eat require bees for pollination.  Every spring beekeepers send 80,000 hives to California to pollinate the almonds you enjoy all year long.  Bees are critical to the survival of humans.  We need to work together to preserve the bees and keep them healthy!

I Heart Bees is a Honey Feast initiative to help save the bees!  When bees swarm and create new hives in urban areas like homes and trees in backyards people often call pest control companies to kill the bees.  We want to stop that practice.  Our mission is to safely relocate these bees to agricultural areas so they can continue to pollinate.  We pay local beekeepers to remove the bees free of charge to the homeowner making it much more attractive to them vs. a pest control company.


Rescue Blend Honey

When you purchase our Rescue Blend Honey, you are also helping to save the bees.  A significant portion of the proceeds from this container will be used for the I Heart Bees initiative.  We will use the dedicated proceeds to safely relocate hives to agricultural areas.



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If you would like to participate in the I Heart Bees project please get in touch with us now.

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